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he wore black and i wore white
02 December 2009 @ 10:56 pm
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he wore black and i wore white
The "Let Gaza Live" rally was amazing. We marched to the white house in the hail, rain, and cold.
It was amazing and kind of scary. There were heart-breaking signs with injured or killed children and their were woman carrying around baby dolls covered in red paint. My throat is sore from all the chanting. It made me feel so close to my religion and kind of mad at myself for not caring more, not doing more for the people in Palestine. It makes me sick to know that tonight I'll sleeping in my bed, in my heated room, in the safe rows of beaver cleaver houses while the oppressed are lacking the necessities of life.

There were like 2000+ people from all across the US. Oh yea and boatload of hot middle easterners. Just thought I'd add that.

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he wore black and i wore white
02 January 2009 @ 01:45 pm
It's been a whole 10 weeks since I last posted! So I thought I should post something!
Things that happened since last posted: I got my license,  Went to see Twilight (omg the lulz), and new years' day.
I love how I can only list three things that have been substantial in my 10 weeks of abscence. Ohh life. Oh dreadfully boring life.
I'm reading Brideshead Revisited and its really good but I have about 200 pages left to read before Monday aka book club du jour. Not exciting because last time only one other person read the book we were supposed to read. Stupid.
I want to read the Watchmen comics now because the trailer for the movie looks kick ass. And Philip Glass/Muse combo is pretty badass.

Now I leave you with a quote!
"Yes, today we have genuine Russian weather. Yesterday we had Swedish weather. I can't understand why your weather is so terrible. Maybe it is because you are immediate neighbours of NATO. "- Nikita Khrushev. He was one crazy man.

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he wore black and i wore white
19 October 2008 @ 09:20 pm

courtesy of my ap psych book
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he wore black and i wore white
27 August 2008 @ 04:15 pm
Can someone tell me why celebrities are telling the youth of america to go out and vote? Why should the intelligent and informed 18 pluses listen to Justin, P Diddy and Selena Gomez. Because they are politic savvy and went to college?
I think not.

Honestly, I consider myself well informed about political issues. Granted, I lean toward the democratic side of things- but I do listen to talk radio aka republican universe. So I'm generally informed. And if I were 18 by this coming election I would tell you abruptly that I would not vote.

I do care about who is president. But I just simply don't like any of the candidates (I miss Ron Paul. Tear.)
McCain want to stay in Iraq and not pull out until shit gets done and I respect that. Fixing mistakes blah blah blah. But I cannot stand his views on tax cuts. *Throws up* And I cannot believe that the McCain version of the war will be SOLELY about fixing Bush's serious mistakes.
Obama seems like a thoroughly nice dude, but seriously making allies with Israel and thinking about invading Pakistan is not the way to go. DON'T DO IT OBAMA. The whole concept of Israel/Palestine is unfair, it is my opinion that either the US help both sides keep calm. If they favor one side, full blown religious war will break out. Naturally, I wouldn't want anyone to invade Pakistan (cause I'm like 25% paki) but I have a feeling (if Obama has enough balls to do it) that he will invade if a puppet doesn't come into power after Musharref. Thats spelled wrong. Oh yeah, and be sure that it will be under the "Findin' Osama!' slogan. However, Universal Health Care would be like my dream come true.
Also, there's been a lot of democratic propaganda that Obama will be the next Kennedy who was my favorite president (well, tied with Carter.)

So, youth of America: decide which negatives you want. Obama McCain. Whichever.
The sad truth is that you can never fully know what a future president is capable of unless you are their under his rule.

Also: Went phone banking for Obama.
Wierd experience
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he wore black and i wore white
06 August 2008 @ 12:18 am
Natasha Khan a.k.a Bat for Lashes has the coolest eye makeup [and the coolest last name also my moms maiden name.] Perhaps we be long lost cousins?
along with sango89?

FINALLY going to see Batman today. FINALLY. I made plans to see it opening weekend, but they fell through, and then the weekend after and that didn't work either. I'm just glad it hasn't been spoiled for me yet... well minus all the facebook bumper stickers that say 'let me show you my pencil trick' with Heath!Joker in the back.
ETA: i loved it. How about that Gary Oldman? I think I might love Gary Oldman. And Aaron Eckhart.
I don't know why people we're so scared of the Joker, to me he was more hilarious than scary.
joker: 'you...complete me!'
batman:"...uh..." *punch*
haha favorite part.
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he wore black and i wore white
03 August 2008 @ 08:36 am
stolen from elizabethtastic

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

Alright officially freaked out by this meme.
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he wore black and i wore white

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he wore black and i wore white
24 June 2008 @ 08:49 pm
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he wore black and i wore white
10 June 2008 @ 01:35 pm
I don't even want to go into how I stumbled upon this youtube video, but its random clips from the TV show Moonlight, which I think is about vampire detectives, with farting noises.

I literally cried, It seems like that shows so seriousssssssss hahahah
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